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great space coaster poster

18 Nov

Great Space Coaster Postersigned by ray stephens, who went on to sing for the village people!



space dove painting

18 Nov

Space Dove Paintingoh sh#!t somebody ripped the space-time continuum! …and released a hell dove!

lucite hitchhiker thumb

11 Nov

Lucite Hitchhiker Thumb IV


dylan on horseback?

5 Nov

Dylan on Horseback…the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind


badminton playing clowns

22 Oct

Badminton Playing Clown Painting IIfrom picasso’s wtf period?

elton john velvet blacklight poster

14 Oct

Elton John Blacklight PosterElton John Blacklight Poster IIhot damn, time to light one up


chinese art

14 Oct

Chinese Rabid Seal PupChinese Rabid Seal Pup IIChinese Rabid Seal Pup IIIis that a dog, or a rabid seal pup?